Our Story

Mont & Vent or Mont et Vent, is a French name, meaning mountain and wind. 

We handmade the jewelry, designed with love. We hope that the jewelry we create can make customers feel as fresh and natural as the wind on the mountain.

Mont et Vent is the new brand we created this summer, but it is not our only brand. Our business is involved in the production and retailing of garments. Like everyone else, our business suffered in the COVID-19 pandemic. No one goes out, no one dresses up, and no demand for clothing and accessories. Depressed emotions during the epidemic make us yearn for freedom, we want beauty, and we want fashion. We want to breathe without masks and enjoy the fresh air from the wind of the mountain.

Mont & Vent makes jewelry of natural gemstones, with high quality and lower prices in the market. We have a wide range of styles and designs that utilize various mainstream gemstones. We want every customer to find the jewelry they like, live beautifully, dream passionately, and love completely.

Wear the Jewelry, let today be the start of something new! 


  Mont & Vent
Toronto Canada